Welcome to the Hawkins lab

Hawkins Lab @ West Virginia University

If I could remember the names of all these particles, I'd be a botanist.

                               - Albert Einstein

Plants, by way of their sessile lifestyle, are "masters of phenotypic variation", comprising on of the most morphologically diverse and dynamic groups of organisms on earth.  Our research is focused on understanding the underlying molecular evolutionary processes that contribute to this phenotypic diversity, particularly those processes pertaining to genome structure and affecting gene expression.  By combining the power of comparative genomics with bioinformatics, we use mass data sets from large-scale sequencing projects to elucidate genetic and epigenetic differences among closely related organisms with the primary goal of relating these molecular differences to phenotype.

Please read more about our projects on the Research page.  We hope you like what you find! Questions are always welcome and should be addressed to: jennifer.hawkins@mail.wvu.edu

See our lab poster:  Hawkins_lab_poster.pdf


*August 2015: The Hawkins lab welcomes our new rotations student, Melissa Lehrer.

*June 2015: Welcome to the newest memeber of the lab, Raj Govindarajulu.  Raj joins us from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was working on polyploid strawberry with Tia-Lynn Ashman.

*June 2015: Congratulations to Dhanu on receiving the Morrissey-Ropp scholarship, awarded once each year to an outstanding graduate student in the Department of Biology!

*May 2015: Andropogoneae systematics paper is accepted in Annals of Botany.  Congrats to the entire lab!

*May 2015: Congratulations to Dhanu on receiving one of the Department of Biology productivity awards, and to Jazz and Ashley on receiving the Core Research in Taxonomy of Vascular Plants Scholarship!

*May 2015: Congratulations to Dhanu and Ashley on receiving Eberly College Doctoral Research grants!

*February 2015: Dr. Hawkins presents our work on transposon accumulation and activity in Sorghum at "B-Debate:Evolution of plant phenotypes. From genomes to traits" in Barcelona, Spain.